Open, modular egress and ingress monitoring solution

Strand Mount Ingress Receiver IRXP

Strand Mount Ingress Receiver

Newest member of Effigis’ ingress detection platform, the strand-mounted Portable Ingress Receiver IRXP will detect, measure and localize ingress event data on a continuous basis from our field devices.

The IRXP enables the cable operator to reduce deployment time and focus on the find-and-fix equation immediately, diminishing subscriber downtime and hardening the HFC Outside Plant.

Operating frequency 6.78 MHz, 27.12 MHz, 40,68 MHz
Measurement range -23 to 20 dBm
Sensitivity 23 dBmV (BER < 10-6) (attenuator @ 0 dB) (TBD)
Casing Rating IPC 63
Level accuracy ± 2 dB on signal pulses
Monitoring mode Continuous detection on signal RF port
Frame capture time 10 ms
Power 7.2 V Battery Pack
Li-ion cells, 4,400 mAh
AC battery charger Input: 100-240 V ~50-60 Hz 0.7 A Output: +12 VDC 1.66 A Transient overvoltage II Rated pollution degree 2
Mains supply voltage fluctuations Up to ±10% of the nominal voltage
Operation time 8 hours nominal on battery power at 20˚ C / 68˚ F
Operating temperature 0˚ to +55˚ C / 32˚ to +131˚ F
Storage temperature 0˚ to +55˚ C / 32˚ to +131˚ F
Recommended use Outdoor Application and/or Indoor
Communications Ethernet port (RJ45), Cellular data (LTE)
Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31˚ C (88˚ F) decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40˚ C (104˚ F)
Dimensions [H x W x D] 3.3 cm x 11.2 cm x 22.3 cm / 1.3’’ x 4.4’’ x 8.8’’
Weight TBD

*Specifications subject to change without prior notice