Open, modular egress and ingress monitoring solution
September 17 2018

By Mark EricsonVice-President,  Business Development at Effigis Geo-Solutions

Do you work as a sales or marketing professional for a cable TV company? Do you get frustrated when your subscriber customers have to wait hours-to-days to get problems such as slow internet, dropped calls, and video issues caused by the network remedied? Would you like to help your customers get those technical issues resolved as quickly as possible

Your company’s Engineering Teams and Technical Operations Teams are always working to improve the performance and reliability of your service networks. However, often they are restrained by legacy tools and equipment and procurement agreements and struggle with getting your network issues resolved with the latest and greatest technology and tools available.  The amount of capital that has been invested and deployed makes it very difficult for the organization to change direction toward a newer solution even when it proves to be a faster and a more efficient and effective tool.

Very often the Marketing Department can initiate such a change within in the organization especially when the solution impacts the customer experience positively.

The Effigis CPAT FLEX solution is one of those tools that once deployed in the network the Marketing Department would realize immediate improvements in customer satisfaction, reduced churn and higher metrics. 

How does it do this? The Effigis CPAT FLEX solution finds the problem areas in the network faster than traditional monitoring and detection technologies because it is the only solution that monitors egress in both the aeronautical and LTE bands and ingress simultaneously. Rideouts using this complete solution reveal that ingress events occur even when egress events are not present. That’s why traditional monitoring solutions miss many of the problem causing events. The ingress tool finds the “holes” in the plant within meters of the source allowing the network technician to find and fix the problem in minutes, not hours and days.

More cable operators are making the change to the Effigis CPAT FLEX solution for these reasons. Let us help you help your organization recognize the positive impacts of deploying our solution. For more information we invite you to visit CPAT FLEX Information.