Open, modular egress and ingress monitoring solution

CPAT FLEX is a modular, scalable, GPS-based egress and ingress monitoring solution that helps broadband operators drastically improve  the efficiency of their fleet operation and system plant maintenance. It gives MSOs the tools they need to maintain the quality of their HFC networks across the entire spectrum. It is compatible with analog video, QAM, DOCSIS (3.1), OFDM and Remote PHY.

CPAT FLEX is developed and commercialized by Effigis Geo-Solutions (Effigis), who has been a leader in geospatial information for more than 25 years. Effigis designs innovative geospatial data-driven solutions for organizations worldwide, whose operational effectiveness relies on the analysis of geodata. In addition to the telecommunications industry, the Company serves numerous other business sectors, including energy, aerospace, mining, oil and gas, engineering, forestry, and precision agriculture.

The Company draws from a vast selection of geospatial data collection, extraction and analysis tools to provide services ranging from satellite image analysis to the development of custom solutions that supporting land mapping, field operations, asset management, and cable network monitoring.

Effigis has developed and commercializes three proprietary solutions, namely CPAT FLEX, OnPOZ, and FieldApex. Effigis is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. To learn more, please visit